Praise for Marina McBrearty Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Sandra K.
“Marina is fantastic, a real gem. I went based upon a friend's suggestion, but was entirely skeptical. I am now a total believer in the benefits of acupuncture, at least with Marina. I have experienced some wonderful changes, all without drugs. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. Her rooms are spotlessly clean, btw, and very comfy.  I would rather see Marina at this point than my doctor, because Marina is informative and inquisitive.  She really cares about how I am progressing.”

Melissa G.
“I cannot say enough good things about Marina. I have been going to her for over 2 years now, and she has gotten me through a bunch of medical dramas. She is so knowledgeable about so many aspects of health and medicine - both alternative and allopathic. What I like best about her is that she is so real about everything - definitely not your flighty holistic healer. I really like that she will not make a huge deal about anything you are going through, which is the last thing I need when I'm already feeling stressed out about it. If you haven't been to an acupuncturist before and want to try, I really recommend her - she is great for a first timer, and is very gentle with the needles, for anyone who has been put off acupuncture because of that. Finally, she really makes it her goal to get you to a point where you don't have to come and see her anymore, so you don't feel like you are getting set up for a lifetime of visits. She is the best!”

Laura D. 
“I have been going to Marina for several years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is fantastic! She has helped me with a number of health issues, including recurring sinus infections. After each session, I feel better and also more relaxed and recharged. It's awesome. If you are trying acupuncture, go see Marina!”

Julie H.
“Marina's incredible knowledge about the mind body relationship taught me how to care for my body and my mind. She is professional, efficient, warm, honest and kind. She has an intense understanding of the human body and gets right to the heart of what matters. She is a gift and I highly recommend her.”

Wendee M.
“I have been seeing Marina for the last 10 years for any number of problems. She has handled each one perfectly. As a medical provider myself  (RN), Marina is always able to answer all of my many questions and I trust her judgment and opinion implicitly. I have also traveled all around the country and seen other acupuncturists and no one can hold a candle to her.  Marina's warm bedside manner, common sense and innate wisdom make her an amazing health care provider. Anyone with any sort of health issue can count on getting better than amazing care.”

Deanna M.
“I highly recommend Marina McBrearty. She is a highly skilled and dedicated acupuncturist as well as being a warm and compassionate person. I had an incredibly positive experience over the few years I worked with her. She takes a personal interest in her clients and goes above and beyond to meet their needs. She truly is the best at what she does!”