Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works best as a preventive measure to keep the body’s energies in balance before illness develops. TCM places emphasis on the identification of functional entities within the body, such as digestion, breathing, sleeping. TCM aims to trace symptoms of a disharmony by measuring the pulse, inspecting the tongue, eyes and skin and evaluating a patient’s lifestyle choices, such as eating and sleeping habits. Numerous studies demonstrate the efficacy of Acupuncture in lowering stress hormones and blood pressure, relieving pain and improving immune functioning, as well as improvements in clinical conditions such as: cancer, insomnia, anxiety, stroke rehabilitation, gynecological, and neurological disorders.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process and is regarded as one of the safest alternative treatment methods.  Marina uses only pre-packaged, factory sterilized needles and disposes of them immediately after use.

Symptoms Treated

Colds, Flu & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Chronic Mono)
Acupuncture is exceptionally effective in preventing illness and greatly reduces the length of sickness.

Allergy Treatment & Prevention
Acupuncture, in combination with Herbology and simple lifestyle changes is an effective combination for the treatment of respiratory and food borne allergies.

Pain Relief & Recovery from Surgery or Injury
Acupuncture and Herbology are effective in treating acute muscle injuries such as whiplash, back pain, sprained ankle and wrist disorders such as Carpal Tunnel. Acupuncture can aid the body in recovery from broken bones as well as knee and shoulder surgery.

Sleep Disruption & Insomnia
Acupuncture and Herbology provide excellent results without the undesirable side effects of other methods such as pills and sedatives.

Stroke Rehabilitation
Current research shows that Acupuncture, Herbology, Scalp Acupuncture, and Electric Acupuncture can achieve excellent results when combined with other medical therapies.

Hypertension & Coronary Diseases
Patients with high blood pressure, angina and hypertension respond well to Acupuncture and Herbology treatment when combined with small lifestyle changes.

Gynecological Conditions
Dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, PMS, amenorrhoea, and endometriosis respond favorably to Acupuncture and Herbology treatment.

Debilitating Disorders
Rheumatoid arthritis and similar physical conditions respond well to Acupuncture and Herbology.

Progressive Degenerative Disorders
Current research shows that Acupuncture and Herbology can be extremely effective in the treatment of certain neurological disorders such as Parkinson's.

Treatment of Addiction
Acupuncture is recognized as one of the best treatments for the withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive substances, such as nicotine, alcohol, and other hard drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is steeped in Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, which focus on proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis. Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. As an Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, Marina helps facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore itself to optimal health.

Acupuncture examines the freeway system of your health. The needle unblocks the “traffic blockage” so that the chemical signal can repair injured cells and your body can heal itself. As your guide and practitioner along this path, Marina helps you recognize and deal with underlying problems and promotes self-management of illness so that your whole system is reset for healing both mind and body. 

What is Qi?
Qi is your vitality — your vital energy, movement and flow. 

TCM perceives that the body’s vital energy or Qi circulates through channels, called Meridians that have branches that are connected to bodily organs and functions.

Your pulse indicates your body’s ability to heal and indicates what your body is expending energy on- relationships, illness or other stresses. When your Qi is in balance, your immune system can repair damaged cells.

What are Meridians? 
Meridians are the freeways of your body.

Meridians are channels that have branches through the body, which are connected to organs and functional entities (such as circulation, breathing and hormones). The needle goes into the Acupuncture point of the Meridian to clear “the blockage” and to bring your energy and flow back into balance.

What is Cupping?
Cupping is an ancient method that uses glass cups to create localized pressure on the skin to mobilize blood flow and to release toxins in your body. The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues to release harmful toxins and activates the lymphatic system.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work with Western Medicine?
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine must work together to treat and manage health and well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach examines the whole body and the mind when trying to treat the underlying problem. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine substances are generally safe but should be taken only as prescribed by a trained licensed Herbalist. You should always continue to receive appropriate advice and treatment from your M.D. while incorporating Acupuncture and Herbology into wellness programs.