It’s all about you, your health and your healing.

At Marina McBrearty Acupuncture, you come first.  Imagine a health center where you get the time and attention of the practitioner, where you are not rushed, but heard . At Marina McBrearty Acupuncture, you receive personalized care to meet your needs. The moment you enter the stylish waiting room, you recognize that this health center is different. With Marina’s pragmatic counsel and compassionate care, you are inspired to achieve small lifestyle changes that can bring long-term health benefits.

Open your Meridians to healing and your mind to well-being.

At Marina McBrearty Acupuncture, you enter a sophisticated health center lobby, where you can decompress.  Marina guides you to a clean and comfortable treatment room called a Pod, where you can relax so that your body and mind can be reset for healing.

In the treatment room you will lie down on massage table that is lined with a warm bio-mat and wait for your session to begin. Once Marina has checked your pulse and evaluated your condition, she will consult with you as she begins Acupuncture.  After she has placed the needles into the Acupuncture points to clear the blockages, she will use aromatherapy to clear your senses and Hemi-Sync music therapy to clear your mind. Marina checks that you are warm and comfortable and exits the room. This is where the real journey begins.

After the Acupuncture session is complete, you enter Marina's office for counsel on herbal formulas, nutritional and lifestyle changes. Herbal formulas are blended to suit your unique condition, symptoms, root cause, age, weight and strength. By the end of the appointment, your body and mind are in balance.